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Arriva Serving London (Arriva South London)
31703 front view 31703 rear view
Fleet No.RMC1453 Registration453 CLT
Route No.159 DestinationStreatham Hill Telford Avenue
LiveryRed with white between decks band and thin yellow stripe below lower deck windows
NotesCommissioned by the London Transport Museum and available for the Museum's Shop.
The model was released to the Museum's mail order customers in October 2007, but did not go on public sale in the Museum's Shop until the Official Re-opening of the Museum on the 22nd November 2007.
The rear most near side upper deck glazing bar is incorrectly printed on the fourth instead of the fifth bay window.
IssuedOctober 2007 (mail order)
November 2007 (from shop)
Release Code 2 Standard
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