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Tower Transit / London Transport (Route 9 - Pan Am Adverts)
31503TT mock up of possible front view
Photograph shows a mock up of what the model might look like based on the known specifications.
No official photographs of the model have been published by either EFE or Tower Transit
Fleet No.RM1563 Registration563 CLT
Route No.9 DestinationMortlake Garage
Adverts"Pan Am Califonia Daily non-Stop Pan Am California Daily non-stop" (nearside), "House & Flats There's always a real rind in Daltons Weekly" (off-side), "Starting Out temp with Kelly Girl" & "Between Jobs? temp with Kelly Girl" (front adverts)
LiveryRed with cream between decks band & black mudguards. Gold underlined fleetnames.
NotesThis model is a reworking of issue 31503 and was private commissioned by the Tower Transit for members of the company's managment team. Only 15 models are reported to have been produced.
IssuedMay 2014 Release Standard / Code 2 Private Commission
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