Prevous Model Bristol FLF Lodekka with Early Grille
Eastern National Omnibus Co (route 30)
14205A front view 14205A rear view
This model is available from the London Transport Museum Shop and their online store.
Fleet No.CF 2785 Registration936 LWC
Route No.30 DestinationLondon (Bow)
Adverts" Face the future with Pearl assurance" (near-side) blank white panel off-side
LiveryGreen with cream between deck and below upper windows bands. Black mudguards and gold fleet names
NotesCommissioned by the London Transport Museum and available at the April 2013 Acton Depot Open Weekend.
This model is a re-working of issue 14205 and the near-side advert is a sticker.
IssuedApril 2013 Release Code 2 / Standard
14205A front view 14205A rear view
14205A front view
 Prevous Model