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No Fleet Name (Green - 25th Cobham Open Day 1997)
11101A front view 11101A rear view
Fleet No.-- RegistrationMLL 685
Route No.25 DestinationPrivate
Adverts"25 Years - Cobham Bus Museum Silver Jubilee Open Day 6th April 1997 - London Bus Preservation Trust" side adverts.
LiveryGreen with yellow between decks band and dark green mudguards.
NotesProduced by Model Road & Rail for the London Bus Preservation Trust. Available at the April 1997 Cobham Bus Museum Open Day. Model has sticky paper labels for adverts, route numbers and registration plates. Limited edition models supplied with numbered box labels.
This was the standard version sold to members of the public. See also 11102B & 10106A.
IssuedApril 1997 Release Code 3 / Brown card box with numbered label
11101A Model box and numbered label
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