The Model Code Classification System
15635B - Code 1 EFE Subscribers Service Routemaster
EFE 15635B EFE Subscribers RM

Model Code System Explained

   You may be wondering exactly what the difference is between a Code 1, Code 2 and Code 3 model, well let me explain how I've classified the models on this site. This system has been based on that used in Anne Letch's "EFE & Corgi OOC Model Buses - A Collectors' Reference Guide".

Code 1
   These are the standard model releases, produced by EFE and available on general release via all normal retail outlets. These models are entirely designed and produced by the manufacturer.
The vast majority of EFE model releases are code 1, the only ones covered in the Commissioned Model section are those associated with the Showbus Rally and the very small number produced for sale by third parties. I've also included the Code 1 EFE Subscriber Service models in this section because of there more restricted availability.

Code 2
   Now things start to get a bit complicated. I've classed as code 2 any model produced by the model manufacturer for a third party commissioner. The model is designed by the commissioner and then produced by a model manufacturer such as EFE. These model are then available directly from or distributed by that commissioner.
I also class as code 2 models modified by third parties with the full consent of the original manufacturer.

Code 3
   The number of code 3 models included on this site is limited at present. I have only included models produced by serial commissioners, or commissioners that have also issued Code 2 models. I also generally only cover models where more than 50 examples are known to have been issued.
A code 3 item is a model modified by a third party without the consent or knowledge of the original manufacturer, Code 3 items covered on this site are generally produced by professional commercial modelers or companies and are usually finished to an equal or higher quality than the standard release code 1 & code 2 models.

Code 4
   This classification is now being more widely accepted for models which fall outside the above three classifications, these models are usually one offs or small runs that are produced by individuals. The quality of the finished item may vary in quality from that of a high quality code 3 to a crude amateur repaint.
Due to the almost unlimited range of models involved and their restricted availability I have decided not to cover such models on this site.

Please note the above classification system is open to interpretation, I've adopted this particular version because it conforms with other printed sources and also the range of models covered by this site.

The difference between code 2 & code 3 can sometimes be blurred, it being difficult in some cases to confirm whether EFE produced or gave consent for some early model issues. Likewise Code 3 & Code 4 models can also be difficult to categorize in some cases.

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26303A - Code 2 Classic Bus Magazine Guy Arab II Utility Double Decker
EFE 26303A Classic Bus Mag' Guy Utility
14403A - Code 3 Trowbridge Tigers FC Leyland National
EFE 14403A - Trowbridge Tigers National
Code 4 a one off DIY repaint of an EFE RM model
An amateur code 4 Routemaster repaint!!