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Oxford Die-cast Model Lists
A list of all the Oxford Diecast Models currently found on the official manufacturers site
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Reason For This Page
This list was produced originally as a quick reference tool while updating, expanding and checking the data included in the Oxford Diecast 1:76 and N scale model lists found on this site.
It provides an easier & quicker method of identifing particular models based on collection or scale.
Its based on the sitemap data files used by Google to search & reference the contents of the official Oxford Diecast site. These XML files are located within the site, they can be opened and viewed by anyone with a browser and the correct url.

What's Listed
This list doesn't contain every model ever produced, only those that have been offered for sale at some point on the manufacturers site, nonetheless it provides a list of around 5700 models. In addition to the current Oxford Diecast 1:43, 1:76 & N sacle range It also includes lists of the early van & truck models as well as the Oxford Rail, Cararama, GR Autos, Triang & Welly ranges.

Printing A Hard Copy & Personal Model Lists
The list contains a blank cell for each model for those wishing to print a hard copy and then use it as a checklist for their own collection.
Use the button below before printing to hide this header section.

You can alternatively copy & paste the list data on the page into a blank spreadsheet such as Excel or Open Office Calc.
The three right hand columns can then be deleted if desired & if you wish to remove the still active embedded model page links just set the column format to defualt.

Using The Lists
The Model Ref Codes are also links to the specific model page on the Oxford Diecast website. (Please Note: This list has been updated to hopefully work with the official Oxford Diecast site following its re-launch on the 1st June 2021)
The column with ticks indicates that the page on the Oxford site contains at least one photograph of the model. (Note, I've noticed some pictures show pre-production samples or in a few rare cases the wrong model!
The Go column provides an active Google Image Search link for each model, while clicking EB will do a search on for that model (using the Ref Code.)

Use the Show List & Show Menu buttons below to toggle the desired list section on & off.
Use Crtl+ & Crtl- to change the browser text size if required. (Printed output is unaffected)
I've set it fairly small to produce better printed output & increase the number of models per page.
You can search the active list by pressing Crtl F in most browsers.


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