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Showbus 2016 Rally Award Models

Jotus have released a series of detailed resin models in Hong Kong and in 2010 extended their coverage to include UK vehicles. The first UK model was based on the unique Alexander bodied Volvo Aslia which was built for London Transport and used in trials with other double deck types to determine the next generation of vehicles to follow the Leyland Titan & MCW Metrobus. The model depicts V3 which had two entrance doors front & rear and featured two staircases.

During 2011 Jotus announced it's next UK model and again picked a unique bus in the form of the London Transport prototype front entrance Routemaster FRM1.

Also during 2011 Jotus teamed up with TTC Diecast who commissioned two models for the North Weald Bus Rally and Showbus 2011 rally, the partnership was further strengthen with the announcement of several totally new models which would be exclusively produced for TTC. The first of these was a single door version of the Volvo Aslia V3 model, more new models have been announced since including a Manchester Mancunian, the first of these TTC exclusives, a dual door Optare Spectra, were released in early 2013.

Following the release of the single deck CR class bus in 2104, another joint venture with Jotus was announced by the London Bus Museum to produce a much requested model version of the London Transport double deck AEC Renown LT class bus.
The first pair of models were released in December 2015, it's not known if any general release models are planned, as with the earlier the CR model.

Jotus sponsored the 2016 Showbus Rally at held at the Donnington Race Circuit in September of that year, they provided seventeen unique models that were used as awards for winning vehicle owners at the event.

During 2018 another new model was produced exclusively for the London Bus Museum, two versions of the AEC Regent I ST Class double deck bus were released. One carried London Transport livery while the other wore the Thomas Tilling livery reproduced on the museum's own preserved ST922.

During 2019 Jotus released their own single door version of the Optare Spectra in the Opatre demonstrator vehicle livery, four versions were produced each depicting different routes. A further dealer white version of the same vehicle was also produced.

Jotus started the the new decade with the release Dennis Dragon 11m Duple Metsec bodied double decker in January 2020. Four different versions with subtle detailing differences were produced each depicting a different vehicle & route operated by Stagecoach Manchester. All carried the blue Magic Bus Low Fares livery.
These models were the first to feature diecast metal bodies rather than resin.

A series of seven Irish models based on CIE & Dublin Bus vehicles were commissioned by Derek Farrelly & Adrian Lemon between 2016 & 2018.

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UK Models
Leyland Atlantean Park Royal 'Mancunian' Double Deck Bus
Dennis Dragon 11m Duple Metsec Double Deck Bus)
Volvo Aslia Alexander Double Deck Bus (V3 - 2 Door Version)
Volvo Aslia Alexander Double Deck Bus (V3 - Single Door Version)
Volvo Aslia Alexander Double Deck Bus (V1 - 2 Door Version)
Front Entrance Routemaster (FRM 1)
Optare Spectra Double Deck Bus
AEC Renown LT Class Double Deck Bus
AEC Regent I ST Class Double Deck Bus
Irish Models
If anyone can provide photographs of the models below, please email.
Bombardier KD Double Deck Bus
Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 Van Hool McArdle Double Deck Bus
Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 CIE Double Deck Bus
Showbus 2016 Prize Models

Seventeen unique models were specially produced by Jotus and awarded to the prize winning vehicle owners at the event held on 9th September 2016.
Each of the model plinths has an engraved plaque stating the prize category.
The Showbus site suggests Jotus also produced a set of award models for the 2017 event.
Thumbnail Prize Category Model Type Operator Fleet No. / Registration Destination Display