Oxford NNRxxx Series
New Routemaster Bus

London Mayor Boris Johnson desire to give Londoner's a custom built vehicle for their city resulted in the production of 1008 vehicles by Wright Bros. These were delivered between 2011 & 2017 and most were allocated to routes operating through Central London.

The vehicles have three sets of folding passenger doors and initially some routes were operated with onboard conductors during the peak daytime period, During these periods the rearmost doors were left open allowing passengers to hop on & off. However, to cut costs the conductors were withdrawn in late 2016 and the rear doors now remain closed while the vehicle is moving.

The futurist exterior design makes the vehicles particularly striking, internally they have two staircases and are powered by a Hybrid system that makes them 40% more efficient then a diesel powered vehicle.

Corgi produced a 1/76 scale version of the New Routemaster in 2012 with the first Oxford Diecast N scale version following in 2016.

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