Oxford 76SBxxx Series
Saro (Saunders/Roe) Single Deck Bus

Saunders-Roe produced a wide range of different products, these ranged from flying boats & hovercrafts. It also produced a number of bus bodies in both double & single deck form. 250 London RT class vehicles were bodied by Saunders-Roe, these bodies were almost identical to the standard Weymann/Park Royal versions. The company also designed & produced its own bodies at its Baulmaris factory in Anglesey, North Wales

The Saro single deck bus modelled by Oxford dates from the early 1950's and was mostly built on the Leyland Tiger Cub chassis, the vehicles was popular with the BET group and several operators within in the group purchased batches of the the type, these included Greenline, East Midland, Trent & Northern General. Other operators known to have purchased examples are Thomas Bros & Sunderland Corporation. An Integral version of the bus was also produced for Maidstone & District.

Many of the buses passed to smaller independents once retired by their original operators.

The Oxford model was announced in January 2017 and the first release is expected in the Spring of 2017.

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