Oxford 76LRTxxx Series
Leyland Royal Tiger Coach

The Leyland Royal Tiger Coach was produced in the 1950s and had a fairly small seating capacity of around forty passengers. The vehicles were bodied by a number of bodybuilders including Duple, Harrington, Alexander and could also be supplied with Leyland's own bodywork.

Operators who operated all Leyland versions of the coach included Ribble, Southdown, Maidstone & District, Trent, North Western, Alexander Northern, Cumberland & Standerwick.

The Oxford model is based on a Leyland bodied Royal Tiger coach with centrally positioned entrance. There have been three different tooling variations to date:
A. No waistband moulding below the windscreen and tampo printed triangle beads on front (Only used for 76LRT002).
B. Waistband beads extend below windscreen.
C. Revised version of A with raised traingle beading.

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