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Oxford Die-cast STOB014 / Atlas Editions 4649114
Eddie Stobart
STOB014 front view STOB014 rear view
OperatorEddie Stobart
Fleet No.-- RegistrationC8 ESL
Route No.-- Destination---
Livery NotesWhite with green front
NotesCarries name Luara Abby.
Produced orginally for the Atlas Editions Eddie Stobart Partwork and later also available in standard Oxford Omnibus packaging from the Eddie Stobart Shop.
This model was also produced as a standard issue release by Oxford Diecast in 2014 (see 76IRZ004)
IssuedApril 2013 (Atlas) Release TypeCommissoned
Total IssuedNot known Box Type Atlas Editions: Card Stobart box/Plastic plinth
Stobart Shop: Plastic Case/Oxford Omnibus Card Sleeve.
STOB014 front view STOB014 rear view
STOB014 front view STOB014 rear view
STOB014 Eddie Stobart Shop version packaging
4649114 Atlas Editions packaging
The Stobart Shop (top) & Atlas Editions packaging for this model.
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