Prevous Model Beadle Leyland JCB270 Integral Coach
Oxford Die-cast 76BI004
76BI004 front view 76BI004 rear view
OperatorSouthdown Motor Services Ltd
Fleet No.861 RegistrationLCD 861
Route No.-- DestinationRaces
Livery NotesApple green with cream waistband & destination box surround.
NotesThis issue features a central hinged type passenger door.
This issue has the same interior seating unit as used in the earlier forward entrance version, thus a seat obstructs the central passenger door.
IssuedDecember 2018 Release TypeStandard
Total IssuedNot known Box Type Plastic Case/Oxford Omnibus Card Sleeve
76BI004 front off-side view 76BI004 rear nearside view
76BI004 front view 76BI004 rear view
76BI004 packaging
 Prevous Model