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Oxford Die-cast 76BI004
76BI004 front view 76BI004 rear view
Photographs show the model fitted with the correct seating component, see notes below.
OperatorSouthdown Motor Services Ltd
Fleet No.861 RegistrationLCD 861
Route No.-- DestinationRaces
Livery NotesApple green with cream waistband & destination box surround.
NotesThis issue features a central hinged type passenger door.
Due to a factory error this model was issued with the incorrect interior seating unit designed for the earlier forward entrance version, this meant a seat was obstructing the central passenger door. A replacement seating component was subsequently available directly from Oxford Diecast upon request.
IssuedDecember 2018 Release TypeStandard
Total IssuedNot known Box Type Plastic Case/Oxford Omnibus Card Sleeve
76BI004 front off-side view 76BI004 rear nearside view
76BI004 front view 76BI004 rear view
76BI004 with original factory fitted seats 76BI004 with replacement seats
76BI004 The original & replacement seating components
76BI004 packaging
76BI004 front view with original seating
Photograph above shows the model as originally supplied with factory fitted seating
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