Oxford 76AMTxxx Series
Alexander M Type Coach

The Alexander M type coach was developed in the early 1970s for use by the Scottish Bus Group on its growing Anglo-Scottish motorway express services. The vehicles had distinct parallelogram-shaped side windows which was a design carried over to later vehicles supplied by Duple.

The Alexander M Type modelled by Oxford Diecast is a third series version, these vehicles were 12m in length & were supplied to the Eastern, Fife, Northern & Scottish Omnibus subsidies of the Scottish Bus Group. They were built on three different chassis, Seddon Pennine 7, Leyland Leopard & Volvo B58.
These coaches were delivered from 1974 and were the first to be supplied in a new white & blue "Scottish" coach livery, this eventually developed in the Scottish City Link brand. Some of the vehicle also carried other more traditional liveries.

The M Type vehicles were used on the express services during the 70s and early 80s, after replacement by new vehicles they were demoted to shorter express services & eventually local bus services before withdrawal.

The only large English operator to buy the M Type was Ribble, they purchased a single Leyland Leopard trial vehicle in 1972. RTF 561L was delivered in White "National" livery & used on both long & short distance express services. The vehicle didn't find favor & the National Bus Companies initial plans to buy large quantities of the type were dropped, orders instead going to Duple & Plaxton.
RTF 561L was transferred to North Western which later became National Travel West, it was withdrawn in 1983 and then passed through the hands of a number smaller operators during which time it received some modifications to its frontal bodywork.
It was scrapped in 1993 after breaking down on the M5 while being used by an athletics club based in Dunfermline.

The only preserved operational M Type is currently MSF 750P which carries the livery depicted on the proposed first issue 76AMT001. Oxford Diecast announced the model in January 2021, although the first release isn't likely to be until late 2021 or 2022.

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