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Arriva Serving London (Arriva South London)
200th edition of the Corgi Collector newsletter
OM44709A near side view OM44709A off-side view
Pictures kindly supplied by Stuart Rogers
Fleet No.PDL 27 RegistrationCC xxx (xxx being the model issue number between 001 & 200)
Route No.200 DestinationCorgi Collector
BrandingCorgi Collector Celebrating the 200th edition of Corgi Collector
NotesProduced for members of the Corgi Collectors Club to mark the publication of the clubs 200th "Corgi Collectors" Newsletter. Limited edition of 200 certificated models. The models are individually numbered 001 to 200 and these numbers are applied to the front and rear registration plates.
IssuedAugust 2008 Release / QtyStandard / 200
OM44709A front view OM44709A rear view
OM44709A roof details OM44709A Supplied certificate
OM44709A box
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