2007 OOC Model Releases
(All the OOC models listed below are from the 2007 Corgi Catalogue)
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The models listed below were originally announced in the 2007 Corgi Catalogue issued in October 2006 and were all scheduled to be released between January & December 2007, due to trading difficulties at Corgi during 2007/8 the release of these was delayed to the extent that last of the models wasn't released until July 2008. A further five OOC models were included in the 2007 catalogue but these were subsequently postponed indefinitely by Corgi along with 150 other models from the catalogue in February 2007.
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2007 Catalogue Models
Cat No./
Model Operator Fleet No. Registration Route No. Destination
January & February 2007
March 2007
OM45118 MCW Metrobus Mark I London Transport M331 EYE331V 286 Harrow Met Stn / Edgware Stn
OM46009 Wright Eclipse Urban Arriva Kent Thameside Fastrack 3801 GN06 EVG B Gravesend
(Special version for Modelzone Stores)
April 2007
May 2007
OM41217/1 Eclipse Gemini Blazefield Burnley & Pendle (The Witch Way) 2756 PJ05 ZWC X43 Manchester Via Rawtenstall
OM41217/2 Nelson Via Burnley
OM45911 Van Hool T9 Bibby's og Ingleton -- PB04 DAF -- --

Gift Set
Plaxton Centenery Set
Plaxton Excalibur Coach Moffit & Williamson Ltd -- T676ASN -- --
Plaxton Panorama Coach Ulsterbus 584 584 TZ -- --
Plaxton Panther Coach WA Shearings Grand Tourer 811 MX06AMO -- --
Mercedes Benz Plaxton Beaver Minibus Pulman & Sons
(Burton on the Water)
-- GL53 PUL 802 Burton & Rissington
June 2007
OM43914A Guy Arab II Utility
(Code 3 from Alan Green)
Maidstone Corporation
(Code 3 from Alan Green)
60 HKE 662 -- Tovil
July 2007
OM41010 AEC Q Single Deck Bus London Transport
(Civil Defence Mobile Gas Unit)
Q1035CD (Q75) CGJ 180 -- --
OM44709 Dennis Dart SLF Arriva London PDL 27 X507GGO 289 Elmers End Green
OM40817/1 Bristol Lodekka FS Western SMT 1627 RAG 393 20 Kilbarchan Wheatlands
OM40817/2 18 Largs Local
August 2007
OM46102/1 Plaxton Panther Coach National Express (Bebb of Llantwitt Fardre) -- SN55 MUE 540 Manchester
OM46102/2 509 Cardiff
September 2007
OM46103/1 Plaxton Paragon Coach First Eastern Counties 20500 AO02 RCX X1 Peterborough Via Kings Lynn
OM46103/2 Lowestoft Via Norwich
October to December 2007
Postponed 2007 Catalogue Models
The following five models were announced in the 2007 catalogue but were postponed indefinitly in February 2007 due to low advance orders.
OM44113 Optare Solo Cardiff Bay Xpress (Beeb of Llantwitt Fardre) -- W87 NDW Never stated Never stated
OM46299 Scania Irizar PB Coach Un-decorated First Shots -- -- -- --
OM46104 Plaxton Panther Coach Elcock Reisen -- Never stated -- --
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