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Ipswich Corporation Transport
OM41418A front view OM41418B rear view
Fleet No.34 RegistrationHPV 34
Route No.X DestinationIpswich Station
AdvertsBrett's for Furniture (nearside), ABC Motor Insurance (off-side), Christchurch Garage (front) Cord's Hardware Store (upper rear) Supplies Clothing Stores (lower rear)
Notes50% of the models were produced with the above destination while the other 50% (OM41418B) carried "3 Rushmere Heath" destinations.
The real vehicle had a body built by Park Royal rather than Roe and as such differs from the model.
IssuedMay 2016 Release / QtyStandard / 500 (1000 across both versions)
OM41418A off-side view
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