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Brighton Hove & District
Corgi Collector Club 25th Anniversary
OM40803A front view OM40803A front view
Photographs kindly supplied by Lindsay Witherspoon
Fleet No.2063 RegistrationCC xxx (See Notes)
Route No.46 DestinationHollingbury
Adverts25 Years Corgi Collector - Celebrating 25 Years The International Club For Collectors (both sides)
NotesAvailable to members of the Corgi Collectors Club. Limited edition of 250 models. These models were modified by Code 3 Models behalf of Corgi. Each model has unique registration plates bearing the number of the model within the limited edition run of 250 pieces.
IssuedNovember 2009 Release / QtyCorgi Collector Club / 250
OM40803A side view
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