409 / 410 / 411 / 412 & OM409
Metro-Cammell Orion Double Deck Bus

The M.C.W. Orion double deck body design was introduced in the late 1950's and remained in production until the late 1960's. The design was popular mainly with smaller provincial operators, although some larger better known operators also choose the type.

The body design could be fitted to number of different chassis, which included products from AEC, Daimler, Guy and Leyland amongst others.

Most of the bodies incorporated a 'tin radiator cowl' which was basically a full width bonnet and front panel. However the Leyland Titan could also be supplied with the older style exposed radiator.
The radiator cowls varied in design depending on the chassis manufacturer, each having its own distinctive look.

The original Orion bodies were built to the then maximum length of 27 feet 6 inches, but later versions were increased to the new legal limit of 30 feet.
The Orion was available with the traditional open rear platform or could be supplied with powered platform doors.

There are 4 OOC versions, an AEC Regent V, and three Leyland Titans, which allow an exposed radiator, BMMO Tinfront and St Helens Front variates to be produced. The first models were released in the second half of 1995, initially the models were issued in the 900 series, but during the period when the 400 series catalogue numbers were used each type was allocated it's own series, 409 BMMO Tinfront Titan, 410 AEC Regent V, 411 Exposed radiator Titan, and 412 St Helens front Titan. Following the introduction of the OM numbering system all versions are now issued in the OM409 series.

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