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GBB02 (Atlas Product code: 4 656 102)
GBB02 front view GBB02 rear view
Fleet No.-- RegistrationAAP 53B
Route No.17 DestinationPortslade Stn
Adverts17 Seafront Service (both sides)
NotesThis model is only fitted one driving mirror.
This model was supplied with the following items: Collectors Card Album & 12 Collectors Cards , Best of British Buses DVD, RTW Travel Clock & London Transport Cap Badge & vehicle history leafet.
IssuedApril 2010 Release / QtyCode 1 / Unknown
GBB02 front view GBB02 rear view
GBB02 model & packaging GBB02 Vehicle History Booklet
GBB02 Box Variations
A box variation exists which has artwork showing the model with NBC style white fleet names, however all the models have gold fleet names regardless of the boxes.
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