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Britbus ES-21B
Arriva Kent & Surrey
ES-21A/B nearside front views E-21A/B rear views
This model was commissioned by Omnidekka Models.
OperatorArriva Kent & Surrey Ltd
Fleet No.5373 RegistrationYN06 TFZ
Route No.101 DestinationDavis Estate, Chatham, Gillingham
Livery NotesTurquise with cream front flash, yellow skirt band & dark blue skirt
NotesA second version of this model ES-21A was also produced with destination 140 Earl Estate.
Model commissioned by Omnidekka Models.
If, anyone is interested in buying one or both models, please visit the site.
IssuedDecember 2022 Release TypeCommissioned
Total IssuedCertificated Limited Edition of 200 (400 across both versions) Box Type Clear Plastic/ Card Outer
ES-21A/B nearside view ES-21A/B off-side view
ES-21A/B front views ES-21A/B packaging
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