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Friday 28 February
Another Coach Model Announced By Corgi
Having checked the Corgi website I've noticed that another OOC based model is now listed with a due date of Autumn 2020.
The item has been allocated a new product number despite it appearing to be a re-issue of the 2018 model CC42418. It has suggested RRP of £24.99.

CC42419 Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (Fox's of Hayes) - Bedford VAL Plaxton Panorama Coach (3rd version) - Due Autumn 2020

Tuesday 25 February
More Buses of The World 1/43 Models
Peter Turland from the Yardley Wood Bus Club has informed me that Wholesaler John Ayrey Diecasts has secured three further models from the Hatchette Buses of The World Collection for UK Retailers. They have also secured further stock of some previously released models.
These models are expected to be available in around two weeks time. Some will have limited availability. The UK RRP is £29.95.

John Ayrey Diecasts has launched it's new improved website today, it covers a wide range of model ranges, if you find something of interest ask your local model retailer if they can order it in for you. John Ayrey are trade only and do not accept orders for members of the public.

New Models For UK

MAG HC01 Fiat 306/3 CANSA Italy 1962

MAG HC31 Mercedes-Benz O302-10R Germany 1972 - Limited availability

MAG HC46 TATA LPO 1512 1510 -55 Blueline India 1990 - Limited availability

Restocked Models

MAG HC09 Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus France 1955 - Limited availability

MAG HC15 Citroen T23Ru Chassaing France 1947 - Limited availability

MAG HC16 AEC Regal III 'Dorsal Fin'- Harrington United Kingdom 1950 - Limited availability

MAG HC19 Renault AGP85 Sohorten, 1938, France - Limited availability

MAG HC38 Krupp Titan 080 Germany 1951 - Limited availability

MAG HC39 Saviem Sc10U France 1965 - Limited availability

MAG HC47 Berliet Plr 10Mu France 1955 - Limited availability

MAG HC52 Bedford Ob United Kingdom 1947 – 1951 - Limited availability

MAG HC54 Ford F-600 Chiva Colombia 1990 - Limited availability

MAG HC55 Renault R 4192 France 1954 - Limited availability

MAG HC58 Panhard Movic Ie 24 France 1948 – 1953 - Limited availability

MAG HC60 Borgward Bo 4000 Germany 1952 - Limited availability

MAG HC63 Kassbohrer Setra S-14 Germany 1961 - Limited availability

MAG HC64 AEC Regent III RT London Country 42 United Kingdom 1947 - Limited availability

MAG HC65 Mercedes Benz 0 305 21 Germany 1979 - Limited availability

MAG HC68 Mercedes-Benz 0 10000 Osterreichische Post Germany 1938

MAG HC70 Renault TN4F (a gas) 105 France 1940

MAG HC71 Saviem Chausson SC1 105 France 1960

MAG HC72 Volvo B 375 105 Sweden 1957

MAG HC73 General Motors New Look 'Fishbowl' TDH-5301 15 USA 1965

MAG HC75 Chausson APH-47 RATP 105 France 1947

MAG HC76 Lohr L96 IRCGN 105 France 1996

MAG HC77 Irisbus Agora S Police Nationale 60 France 2002

MAG HC78 Bova Futura FHD 105 Netherlands 1987 - Limited availability

MAG HC79 Berliet PCS10 105 France 1960

MAG HC80 Saviem E7 L 75 Canada 1970

Friday 21 February
Future Oxford Diecast City Links Air Scania i6 Coach
This model was mentioned in my posting on 13th February, Andy McVean has kindly sent my a photograph of the pre-production model which was present on Oxford Diecast's stand at the Model Rail Scotland event today.
The information card notes that the model will be announced later this year and until then orders are not being accepted from retailers.

Click images to enlarge

76ir6006 City Link Air (West Coast Motors) Scania i6 Coach - Release date to be announced

Tuesday 18 February & Updated 19th February
Citibus Models Announce New Kit
Citibus Models has announced its latest new model kit for which pre-orders are now being accepted.

Click images to enlarge

CM012 Mercedes Benz 0C500LE MCV Evolution - Pre-order now £43.00 plus p&p

Update 19th February: The correct price for kit CM007 is £46.50 & not £45,00 as incorrectly stated in yesterday's posting. There are also three additional photographs, one of which shows the interior detailing.

Regarding my news report on the 7th February, photographs of the following kit have now been released by Citibus Models.

Click images to enlarge

CM007 Volvo B5TL Gemini 3 Stealth Long 11.5m Wheelbase High Roof (Bus Eireann) - Order Now £46.50 plus p&p

To pre-order the kits, please visit the on-line store.

Friday 14 February
Buckie Model Centre Scottish Coach Collection
The Buckie Model Centre has added three further commissioned Holland Oto VDL Futura 2 models to its Scottish Coach Collection range of models.
All these 1/87th scale models are limited editions of 100 pieces and are priced between £35 & £37 each.

Model 12 William Hunter Coaches, Edinburgh - VDL Futura 2 Coach

Model 13 Millbank Coaches, Peterhead - VDL Futura 2 Coach

Model 14 Bay Travel Coaches, Kirkaldy - VDL Futura 2 Coach

In addition to the above commissioned models a further eight models are available on a made to order basis using waterslide transfers specially created for the purpose. These models are either £36 or £37 each.

Allan & Black, Aboyne
Bremners of Aviemore
Caledonian Travel (MacPhails)
D&E Coaches, Inverness
Dewar Coaches Scotland
MacPhails Coaches
McLean’s Coaches, Airdrie
McLeans of Stranraer

All the above models are availble to order via the Buckie Model Centre online shop.

Thursday 13 February
Next Oxford Diecast Omnibus Range Release
The next batch of model releases from Oxford Diecast will include the following Omnibus range item according to the latest Globe magazine.

76SB005 Ulster Transport Authority (H301 - PZ 4874 / 108 Aldergrove) - Saro Integral Single Deck Bus

A further new model was exhibited at the recent London Toy Fair, this hasn't offically been announced to the trade so is probably likely to appear in the next Oxford catalogue covering June-September.

76IR6006 City Link Air (West Coast Motors YS16 LMV / Edinburgh Airport destination) - Scania Irizar i6 Coach

A photograph of the real vehicle can be found on flickr.

Friday 7 February
Citibus Models Kits Update
Citibus Models expect to release their next new resin bus kit later this month. Two earlier kits are also being re-run.

New Kit Expected Feb 2020
CM007 Volvo B5TL Gemini 3 Stealth Long 11.5m Wheelbase High Roof (Bus Eireann) - Pre-Order Now £46.50< plus p&p
Photographs of the production model will be released shortly

Kit Re-runs

CM031 Leyland Atlantean PDR1 East Lancs with curved windscreen (as operated by Bolton, SELNEC, GMT) - Pre-Order Now £45.00 plus p&p

CM032 Leyland Atlantean PDR1 East Lancs with split windscreen (as operated by Bolton, SELNEC, GMT) - Pre-Order Now £45.00 plus p&p

For more details please visit the Citibus Models site & online shop.

Thursday 6 February
Upcoming Corgi Model Bus Releases
The Corgi website is indicating the following models are now in stock, these are expected to reach model retailers next week.

OM46316A Stagecoach London (London Transport Heritage Route 15 Tower Hill) - AEC Routemaster RM Class Double Deck Bus

OM46316B Stagecoach London (London Transport Heritage Route 15 Trafalgar Square) - AEC Routemaster RM Class Double Deck Bus

GS82336 Best of British London Bus Union Jack (route 53 Trafalgar Square) - AEC Routemaster Bus (1/64th scale toy range)

Tuesday 4 February
Northcord Models Announce New Bus Tooling
The following press released has been issued by Northcord Model Company today.

Date: 4th February 2020
ukbus 6800 ADL Enviro400City on Trident 2 & BYD Chassis

Northcord Model Company is now pleased to announce that the company has successfully concluded its licensing negotiations with Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) and has been authorised to model the Enviro400 “City” body based on both the Dennis Trident 2 chassis and the BYD chassis, the latter named as the Enviro400EV.

Northcord Model Company had developed the ADL Enviro400MMC models (ukbus 6500 series) since January 2018, and during the two years since then, more than 15,000 units of ukbus 6500 bus models have been produced. All ukbus 6500 series models have gained excellent success and reputation worldwide, and especially in both the Hong Kong and UK markets.

The first production model of the brand-new casting should be available in the United Kingdom by the end of the fourth quarter in 2020. As the Enviro400City is developed from the former Enviro400 series, Northcord Model Company will put the new products into a new sub-series categorised ukbus 6800 et seq, as a continuation from the current ukbus 6500 model range, and the ukbus 6000 range before that. The collectors will therefore recognise these models as the follow up version within the ADL Enviro400 double deck bus family.

The newly developed comprehensive casting will initially include the following versions of Britain’s best-selling double-deck buses:
1. 10.8 metre 1 & 2 door BYD-chassised Enviro400 City
2. 10.9 metre 1 & 2 door Enviro400 City Trident 2-chassised to follow as a continuation of the previous Enviro400 MMC Licence Agreement.

Northcord Model Company will make an announcement in detail about planned liveries and model dimensions nearer to its launch date. The range will be expanded with the shorter versions of each type in due course.

NMC is currently engaged in researching and negotiating licensing with Scania for the possibility of utilising the Trident 2 Enviro400City body as the basis for a Scania N280UD derivation that will, of course, be listed within the ukbus00xx range due to the different wheelbase and front and rear overhang dimensions compared to the Trident 2 variant. Whilst the metal parts of the body will be those of the Trident 2, the glazing will be to the discrete design as applied to the Scania. These buses are being taken by a number of high-profile fleets such as Nottingham, in its variety of route branding colours, and various First fleets, and production of all NMC models is subject to end user agreement, of course.

NB : As a footnote to the previously advised plans and dates for 2020 model releases, NMC wishes to advise retailers and collectors that, due to some severe travel restrictions to and within Mainland China in order to attempt to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus, the factory will not resume manufacture for at least a further week following the traditional LNY holiday period. This will have a knock-on effect by delaying when the models will be released following production.

Northcord Model Company (NMC)------The World’s Miniature Bus Co.

More details and photographs of the ADL Enviro400EV vehicles can be found on the Alexander-Dennis site.

The photographs below show one of the Enviro400"City" Scania N280UD vehicles operated by Nottingham City Transport

Monday 3 February
Nuremberg Toy Fair Reports
The annual Toy Fair took place in Nuremberg last week, and some of the new UK realted models were reported here last week.

Rüdiger Schreiber has compiled several reports for his Omnibus.News site covering new bus & coach models announced by the various manufacturers attending the Toy Fair, there are also photographs of early pre-production samples of the HO Brekina AEC Routemaster models & a decorated sample of the Artitec London General B Type Omnibus.

The original five reports are in German, I've added extra links to English versions translated by Google.

Report 1 (30/01): New Brekina models including the AEC Routemaster & Neoplan Skyliner NH22/3L - Google English Translation
Report 2 (30/01): List of new bus & coach models announced at the Toy Fair - Google English Translation

Report 3 (31/01): Further news & photographs of the Brekina Routemaster models - Google English Translation
Report 4 (01/02): Siku Mercedes Benz Sprinter minibus & Travego RATP design coach - Google English Translation
Report 5 (02/02): Some of the new models from Artitec (Old Bill Bus) & Hanije - Google English Translation

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