Prevous Model AEC Reliance 1950's BET Style Single Deck Bus Next Model
Devon General
24303 front view 24303 rear view
Fleet No.950 Registration950 HTT
Route No.16 DestinationNewton Abbott Bus Station
AdvertsSide adverts above windows - "You should visit Kents Cavern Torquay's Famous Caves" (near side) and "Babbacombe Model Village Open Daily 10AM until 10PM" (off-side) and rear advert "Torbay Aircraft Museum, Berry Pomeroy, Open Daily" and "Visit Totnes Motor Museum" rear corner adverts
LiveryMaroon with fawn roof and window surrounds. Maroon stripes above side windows and silver waistband
NotesAEC badge on front grille
IssuedDecember 1997 Release Standard
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