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Lincolnshire Road Car Co
16308 front view 16308 rear view
Fleet No.2211 Registration--
Route No.2A DestinationLincoln - Nocton
LiveryGreen with cream waistband and black mudguards
NotesAt least some, if not all of these models were issued with box labels printed with ref number 16306, the end 6 being crudely doctored by EFE to look like 8. Due to this the model will often be found on ebay listed as 16306.
IssuedSeptember 1994 Release Standard
16308 The box labels showing the original doctored 16306 number
These models have box labels bearing printed number 16306 which has crudley been doctored to look like 16308.
The EFE release sheet below confirms the model is 16308.
16308 EFE advertising confirming the 16308 model number
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