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King Alfred (Route 8/9)
30601 front view 30601 rear view
Fleet No.-- Registration595 LCG
Route No.8/9 DestinationStockbridge
AdvertsSide adverts "Fred Croft For All Good Shoes - Lotus Clarks Brevitt Joyce - 75 High St. Winchester (Just Below Westgate - We Stock Ladies Shoes Up TO Size 10s" near side, "Burnley Building Society Traditionally Yours 2 Jewry Street" off-side.
"Atrium the Scandnavian shop 6 S' Thomas Street Winchester Tel.5792 for exclusive furnishings and gifts" and "Hyde Abbey Motor Spares Ltd - Ford - Cars Trucks Tractors Industrail Equipment Winchester & Alton" adverts on rear
LiveryGreen upper deck and darker green lower with cream window surrounds
IssuedNovember 2005 Release Standard
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