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Yorkshire Rider Leeds
28909 front view 28909 rear view
Fleet No.6419 RegistrationUNA 781S
Route No.44A DestinationPudsey
Adverts"Cars are bad for the enviroment You're looking at an alternative - M Metro" (nearside) Off-side adverts to be confirmed.
LiveryCream with green skirt, window surrounds and engine bustle
NotesSign below windscreen reads "Pre Paid Tickets - Concessonary Travel - Tendered Services".
Sign beside door reads "Employee Owned For A Better Service"
This model is a re-working of issue 29006 and has the side advertisements printed on labels.
IssuedMarch 2015 Release De-Regulation Series
28909 front view 28909 rear view
28909 front view 28909 rear view
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