Prevous Model Daimler Fleetline Alexander 'A' Type
Version C with Flush Rear
Travel De Courcey Buses Festival 2018 (Code 3)
16801-C3 front view 16801-C3 rear view
These models are stiil available from the Cheltenham Model Centre via eBay (Feb 2020).
Fleet No.-- RegistrationAJT147T
Route No.-- DestinationBuses Festival 2018 Special
Adverts&Buses Festival \ Sunday 19th August 2018 British Motor Museum, Gaydon / Buses Festival" (both sides). "Buses Festival" (rear)
LiveryWhite with blue engine bustle, skirt panels, roof and upper decks window surrounds. Wide orange between decks band
NotesThis code 3 model was produced by the Cheltenham Model Centre & available at the Buses Festival event held at the Gaydon British Motor Museum on the 19th August 2018. Number of models produced not known.
Model has a school bus sign on the rear off-side engine shroud.
IssuedAugust 2018 Release Code 3
16801-C3 front view 16801-C3 rear view
16801-C3 front view 16801-C3 rear view
16801-C3 Packaging front 16801-C3 packaging end flap
 Prevous Model