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Stevenson's of Uttoxeter
Howarths Advert - AEC Radiator (Pre-production Samples)
11110A front view 11110A rear view
Fleet No.29 RegistrationKCU 216
Route No.-- DestinationUttoxeter via Tutbury
Adverts"Howarths of Burton Fine Footwear" (nearside) and "For the Best in Self Drive Cars You Must Go To Stevenson's" (offside).
LiveryYellow with black roof, between decks band and mudguards.
NotesAccording to EFE these models were pre-production samples produced for evaluation and as review samples. Of the six produced, one was sent back to the Chinese production facility together with a list of amendments required for the final production models.
Another three were sent out to magazines as review samples and it is these models that eventually found their way into the hands of a few lucky collectors. Thanks are extended to Barrie Davis for passing on these details.
IssuedLate 1995/Early 1996 Release Standard
11110A Front view showing incorrect radiator & number plate
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