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Stagecoach in Manchester (Not Issued)
UKBUS 8019 front nearside view UKBUS 8019 front off-side view
All Photographs show pre-production samples of this proposed model that has never been issued.
Photographs kindly supplied by Doug Stewart & Frankie Jordan.
OperatorStagecoach Manchester Ltd
Fleet No.36107 RegistrationMX59 JCY
Route No.11 DestinationStockport via Wythenshawe
Livery Notes--
NotesSingle Door. This model was announced by CMNL but never put in to final production. A small number of unboxed pre-production sample models are known to exist, and photographs of two of these have been used to illustrate the proposed model on this page.
The pre-production samples suggest this model if issued would have had a tooling variation depicting gasket fitted side windows with rounded corners, to date no other Enviro200 models have been released with this feature.
IssuedNot Issued (see notes) Release Type--
Total Issued0 (Small number of pre-production examples produced) Box Type --
UKBUS 8019 front & back views UKBUS 8019 nearside view
UKBUS 8019 front nearside view UKBUS 8019 off-side view
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