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Stagecoach Gold Cheltenham
UKBUS 0032 nearside view UKBUS 0032 offside view
All photographs kindly supplied by Peter Harrison.
OperatorStagecoach Cheltenham & District
Fleet No.15227 RegistrationVX09 NBL
Route No.94 DestinationGloucester
Livery NotesStagecoach Gold 94 branding
NotesSingle Door - A second version of this model (UKBUS0032/2) exists with Cheltenham destinations.
Commissioned by
IssuedAugust 2011 Release TypeCommissioned
Total Issued250 (500 across both destination versions) Box Type Plastic Card Outer
UKBUS 0032/2 Front & Rear views
UKBUS 0032 Model packaging front & end UKBUS 0032 Model packaging rear
UKBUS 0032 Certificate
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